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Talking Statues is coming to Berlin. Originally developed in Copenhagen and London, the project has already been imitated in Manchester and Chicago, San Diego, Helsinki and Vilnius. The idea is as brilliant as it is simple: public statues and artworks are equipped with a QR code, passers-by that scan the code with their smartphones receive a call from the statue, telling them their story.

The pilot project Talking Statues Berlin was launched by Kulturprojekte Berlin as part of the MuseumSummer 2015 and will take place over three years. The first five statues started talking on 29 August 2015 as part of the Long Night of Museums.

  • The Käthe Kollwitz statue by Gustav Seitz at Kollwitz-Platz in Pankow
  • The Heinrich Zille monument by Thorsten Stegmann in Nikolaiviertel
  • The Lise Meitner monument by Anna Franziska Schwarzbach in the forecourt of the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • The Marx and Engels monument by Ludwig Engelhardt at the Marx-Engels Forum at Alexanderplatz
  • The Lion by August Gaul in the colonnaded courtyard in front of the Alte Nationalgalerie (Museum Island)

In September 2015 the Berliner Kurier newspaper called on its readers to suggest more Berlin monuments that should be made to talk. The ones that got most nominations were the Bertolt Brecht statue by Fritz Cremer in front of the Berliner Ensemble and the statue of the Captain of Köpenick in front of Köpenick Town Hall. From summer 2017 you will be able to get calls from Bertolt Brecht, with the voice of actor Axel Prahl, and the Captain of Köpenick, given voice by Florian Martens.

All the texts originate from the Berliner, author and journalist, Nadja Klinger. Talking Statues Berlin is bilingual. The author and actor Daniel Brunet has translated the texts into English and speaks the male roles in the English versions. The female voice is that of artist Catherine Duquette.

We want to thank our technology partner Antenna International, the Berlin Office for Memorial Protection and the Lower Memorial Protection Authorities of Pankow, Mitte and Charlottenburg for their support, the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Mitte, Humboldt University of Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie and the State Museums of Berlin for their permission to let their memorials speak.

Project team
Project management: Katje Geßner
Editorial: Annette Meier
Translation: Nicola Meyer
Art direction: Ines Ebel


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